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DISPYRIA - New Artwork "No Surrender"

Hello Dispyrians,

with the new upcoming album "DISPYRIA - THE STORY OF MARION DUST" many secrets are revealed about characters that appeared in the first two albums. Among other things, the question of how the soul rippers, also called "twisters", came into being. These sinister contemporaries appeared for the first time in "DISYPIA - A DREAM THERAPY". Intermediate beings that can exist in different dimensions and torture Josh Devon in his nightmare journey. Wonderfully illustrated by the unique Timo Wuerz is in the cover for "No Surrender". Additional news: There will definitely be a graphical reworking of the first album released by myself a few years ago, incl. a storybook. Hopefully I will also be able to find a new distribution channel for the first two records. So stay faithful to me and support me in my intention to bring the story of Josh Devon and the ring of stories around him and Marion Dust into the world. Cheers, Juergen

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