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Endless thanks to all the old and new Dispyrians who came all this way to see us! I was incredibly happy about every single one of them! We were able to win some new fans again and that counts! Apart from that, many thanks again to Susanne, Alexa, Bernd and Albert for the huge job with the merch, Thomas Römer and Interkunst for the hospitality, my great fellow musicians, Markus Pfeffer as a wonderful guest, Martina, my Jamulus fellow musicians, Roland, Jörg, Frank, Ute, Ivo, Christine and Volker, Lessie and Karin, Carina, Johanna, Sandra, Matt Bischoff, Antje, Achim, Sonja, Eileen, Susanne Esser, Bernd Schmootz. It was another festive day for me. Once again I had the feeling that there is something in Dispyria that touches people and I am simply grateful. Welcome also to our new Dispyria fans! Have a wonderful new, hopefully more peaceful and harmonious year 2024. We'll be back, we promise! Juergen

Thanks to Manfred Weis for the great photo!

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