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A dream therapy

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PART 1 - DIE STORY © 2012 by Juergen Walzer 


Josh is hypnotised and wakes up in his nightmare world. He becomes aware of his current feelings and fears and tries to reflect and analyze his own condition.


Josh is pulled into the next dream dimension and witnesses the car accident of his beloved grandfather, whom he lost in early childhood. Standing in a lonely and deserted chapel he sees a dark figure sitting in one of the front pews. He walks to the front and recognizes his grandfather in shock and at the same time rejoices. Now Josh tells him about his feelings after his death.


After meeting his grandfather, Josh suddenly finds himself in an empty bright room, only a guitar is standing in the corner. Josh grabs the guitar and starts playing. The question of all questions moves him. What is the meaning of life?

4 ENEMY (in your mind)

The next stage of his nightmare journey takes Josh into a strange and oriental world. Running by the sea, he sees a kind of mirage in front of him, a horrible looking reflection of himself. In panic Josh runs away to face his worst enemy in a hotel room. Out of the mirror, the part of his consciousness looks him in the face that repeatedly lets him fall into his hated depressions. Only with his last strength he escapes this and fall s even deeper into his trauma.


Totally exhausted, finding himself on a old and worn out hotel bed, Josh reflects on his life. Is it worth being adapted to an increasingly anonymous society? Should you let yourself and your dreams be dictated by everyday madness and constraints? He decides to no t longer perish in an everyday world of the human society until he is just one of many, without his own opinion and feelings. He no longer decides to stand in line.

6 D.I.D.

In the next dream stage Josh meets the spirit of his former femal boss. She shows him that she was a demon in human form. Josh confronts this unknown "demon of fear". As punishment for his rebellion he is locked in a vault of ice and stone. Here there is no hope and supposedly no escape.



In his dungeon of ice and stone the resistance in Josh is noticeable. He finds out that the only way out of the dungeon is not to surrender to his despair, but to ignite the warmth of the light of his soul. His persistent hope gives him a way out of the dungeon. But the "demon of fear" does not give up easily, Josh's soul is still in danger.



Josh sees himself in the next dream stage strapped to a stretcher, . The light suddenly disappears around him and the fight for survival begins. Dark figures entwine themselves around him, the demon of fear tries to pull Josh into the depths in one last act.



Josh survived the battle with the demon of fear and his shadow creatures. He wakes up in a cave and wanders aimlessly until he comes to a stone portal with two exits. Back to the demons of fear or a new life. Josh must make up his mind. In one last dramatic struggle with himself, Josh finally decides to let go of the fear. He chooses the gate that leads him to a life of love and light.



Josh is finally awakening from hypnosis. He has won the battle with his inner demons and turns his back on the land of fear. With new courage he now tries to go his own way of life.


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